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Industry viewpoint
A new Period of China PCB equipments will come in future 10 years
1, China PCB equipment market analysis
According to G3 comprehensive report: There are more than 2800 enterprises in PCB industry worldwide, and the number of China's PCB enterprises is about 1500, which takes up more than 50%. According to CPCA data statistics, China's PCB output value began to rank first in the world since year 2006. In 2006 the output value is 164 billion dollars, 185 billion dollars in 2007, in 2012 it is 216 billion dollars which accounting for 39.84% of the world's total PCB output value. 2013 PCB output reached 260 billon dollars, accounting for about $41.4% of the world.

Among them, the PCB equipment plays as an important module in this industry.With the steady development of PCB industry in recent year and push of foreign investment, new enterprises, old enterprise technology transformation, the expansion of the old factory and other factors, its development speed, and scale is gradually expanding, the domestic PCB instrument Market in rapid expansion, the annual market capacity has more than 20% of the national PCB value. Is expected in 2015 the market size will reach 48.8 billion yuan, the average annual compound growth rate in 2010 ~2015 reached 11%, significantly higher than the growth rate of 7.5% of the global market, showing a strong growth potential of China's PCB equipment market.

Synchronized with the osustained growth of PCB value and expansion of the instrument and equipment, domestic PCB equipment market share is gradually expanding, the annual growth rate is more than 30%, self-sufficiency rate in the rapid rise, and then after two or three years, the estimated self-sufficiency rate will rise to 40%~50%. In the next 10 years, will usher in a new era full of opportunities.

1.1 foreign PCB equipment to occupy large market

China PCB output value is the world first, the number of enterprises is also the world's largest, but the production Instrument, equipment and raw materials and other key industries are inadequate, the development of China's PCB equipment and PCB industry is very similar, features are starting late, low level, low technology content, although the low-end equipment has been able to replace imported ones, but high-end equipment and testing equipment are more foreign monopolized with low self-sufficiency rate. In 2010, the scale of domestic PCB equipment and equipment, only took up 23.2%  of the PCB total output yearly value(125.2 billion yuan) , while the market share of foreign equipment accounted for about 80% (Prismark data).

1.2 domestic PCB equipment is developing rapidly

The domestic PCB equipment investment becomes larger and larger, some special equipment is getting stronger, related core technology made a breakthrough, the product is better and better yearly, more and more professional, What worth mentioned is that a number of Domestic high-end equipment have entered into many domestic and foreign top PCB enterprises, and won big success. Their products have entered into the forefront of the global related segments.

2, Domestic PCB instrument and equipment technology trend

With the development of PCB industry, the development of high density, High intergrared, Micro line, small aperture, large capacity, light and thin, the technology content and complexity of continuous improvement, produce, many PCB production becomes more difficult and must rely on advanced PCB equipments, and the requirements of the instrument and equipment will be higher and higher.

The new generation of PCB equipment not only have to be able to complete the thin line, the functional requirements of the small hole, but also a more intelligent, automated, production efficiency improved several times, a large number of PCB manufacturing technology has been integrated into the PCB special equipment.

Without high-end instruments and equipments, there is absolutely no production of high-end HDI, IC, FPC. Although there are a few parts of the development of PCB special equipment for the enterprise, but overall, the domestic high-end equipment still lack, resulting in a uncompleted PCB industry chain. Therefore,China's PCB equipment enterprises need further development, increase R & D investment, the introduction and training of professional and technical personnel,  to improve the company's own level and performance of domestic PCB instruments and equipment and the average level of domestic PCB equipment.

3, the future trend of domestic PCB instrument and equipment

AsChina's PCB industry started late, compared withJapan, Europe and theUnited States,Taiwanand other countries and regions in the development of a certain gap, so vigorously developing  the domestic PCB equipment and equipment will become the focus of the future development ofChina's national PCB industry and core.

According toChina's report hall released the” 2013-2018 China flexible printed circuit board market depth analysis report “shows that the current PCB industry inChinais also in a period of adjustment. But in the lower reaches of the electronic terminal products manufacturing base of the group, the Chinese mainland will continue to become the world's first major production area, is expected in 2017 total output value can reach $28.972 billon, accounting for 44.13% oof total global output value.

Therefore, the future demand for high-end PCB equipment is large, which is an opportunity for domestic PCB equipment companies, the development of high-end equipment is imminent. For Domestic PCB equipment ,as long as the performance quality is close, with the advantages of cost-effective and after-sales service and other local environment, it can establish a national brand. The substantial increasing proportion of market share of Domestic equipment accounted for a increase market share is an inevitable trend.

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